Consistently delivering better business outcomes with real-time visibility into business KPIs and Metrics is what separates failing businesses from successful ones. Our goal at Grow Forward A.I. is to help thousands of businesses by providing financial data that will help drive growth.

With customizable reporting and analytics, you can review performance, analyze results, and share critical information such as:  

Impact Measure

Outcome Evaluations

Vary financial data points

Operational reports that highlight
      – Revenue by product
      – Sales by product
      – Revenue by customer
      – Other critical business metrics

 Grow Forward A.I. makes reviewing financial reports a quick and effortless process. We build a customize reporting dataset and you analyze, visualize, and make sound decisions based on the results. A pre-defined view of your financial and non-financial drivers offer a real-time picture of your business’s performance, allowing you to focus what is most important and respond to opportunities and threats.

KPI analysis and historical and current data visualization facilitates a line of sight into business performance at both a top-down and bottoms up point of view.


Business rules

New business models to meet your specific needs

KPIs to integrate with your financial data


Business performance for impact

Assumptions against financial data

Target and channel outcomes for effectiveness


Channel mix with data to support changes

Metrics tracking

Predictive analysis